Why I built the “MidiMaster”

A long time ago I stumbled upon Thorsten Schlüter’s post about building a Arduino based midi controller (link) the MIDI Mule. Even-though his building skills exceed mine in almost every way I wanted more. More functionality that is. Nonetheless, his projects was the foundation for my own iteration of a Midi Controller because I wanted different things and add more options!

One of the things I’ve always been looking for in Midi Controllers is ease of use. So I decided to build one, using Thorsten’s setup as a base that would do what I want it to do. The main thing I wanted was to set my pedals up the way I want them then press and hold a button on my midi controller. Tadaaa preset saved.

  • MIDI In and Out;
  • Control Multiple pedals;
  • Read the current presets of my pedals;
  • Store the current presets as a preset on the MidiMaster;
  • Access the looper on my Strymon TimeLine;
  • Save last preset across power-cycles. 
  • Multiple banks;
  • Optional, a backlit display

Stay tuned for more on the actual coding, build and demo.


Hello world!

Here’s a quick hello from me to the world. If you’re wondering who I am, I’m wondering how you got here. Basically I’m a simple dude, husband, father, IT professional, guitar enthousiast, sucky piano player, coffee enthousiast, home automation enthusiast but most of all, in all these area’s I always try and be as creative as possible.

I’m working on some detailed posts on how I put together all the code for my first ever, diy midi controller. Besides that some posts on how I control my rig using Ableton Live®.